In search of lithium-rich brines.

Exploration projects.

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Blackstone Resources Chile SpA

1- Identification

Of potential deposits of lithium-rich brines.

Analysis of existing information on geological potential areas with background and/or past works.


2- Evaluation

Legal evaluation and conformity of concessions in accordance with the mining law. Partnering possibilities as acquisition and/or rental of concessions.

3- Exploration

Field work to test and underpin potential exploitation.

Definition and inferred estimation of resources, information collection for NI 43–101 compliance and complementary technical reports.

4- Development & Exploitation

Field work to define and estimate reserves, define the chemical composition and metallurgical aspect of brines.

Evaluation of profitability and possible exploitation strategies, based on a NI 43-101 technical report.


Environmental policy and corporate social responsibility.



Since 2019, Blackstone Resources Chile SpA has been dedicated to search and identify potential areas for the evaluation and exploration of lithium-rich brines.

Our company has an extensive portfolio of Exploration and Exploitation Concessions, which are in their last stage of constitution and registration in the corresponding mining conservator.

Currently, we are focused on constituting these mining properties to systematically evaluate their potential.

Accordingly, a parallel basic assessment of these concessions has been carried out, including geophysical and geochemical studies, which has allowed us to underpin the next investment stage.

Our company aims to start the exploration stage as of the second semester of 2023.

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